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Sabbath Church of God (Warren Zehrung)
Sabbath Day Church of God (Hot Springs) (F. Porter)
Sabbatarian Network (Daniel Love)
Sabbath.org (Church of the Great God site)
Servants? News (Norm Edwards)
Seventh Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger)
Sighted Moon (Joseph Dumond)
Steven M. Collins Web Site
Studies in the Word of God (Wayne Bedwell)
The Church of God, Ministries International
Teachings of the Apostle (COG Faithful Flock)
Ten Tribes BLOG (David Ben-Ariel)
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (COG Faithful Flock)
The Philadelphia Church (Homer Kizer)
The Trumpet (Philadelphia Church of God)
Topical Bible Studies (Karen Ray)
Truth of God
TruthSearch (Juan Raines)
Truth On The Web Ministries (Ken and Brian Hoeck)
United Christian Outreach Germany (Paul Kieffer)
United Church of God, an International Association
Unity in the Body of Christ (Pete Benson)
Unity Sabbath Day Church of God (Billy Latham)
Vision (Church of God, an International Community)
Wheatland (Wyoming) Church of God
Where are Churches of God (COG, Downers Grove )
Wholeworld Church of God (Ron Laughland)
Women in Christ (Nancy Vandemark)
Women of Valor
World Wide Web Church of God (Jeff Neil)
World Wide Web Church of God site (Richard Burkard)
Zion Ministry (Neville Stevens)

Is Belief All That's Required for God's Gift of Salvation?

Moral Depravity Embracing Moral Depravity

Dining out on the Sabbath

Why are Christians defensive about evangelism

The Constitutional Christian
"The Constitutional Christian"
is a video that connects Americas
founding with the Bible.