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The 248 Positive Commandments: 
"The Do's" 


Relationship to God 

1 Exodus 20:2 - To believe in God 

2 Deuteronomy 6:4 -To acknowledge the Unity of God 

3 Deuteronomy 6:5 - To love God 

4 Deuteronomy 6:13 - To fear God 

5 Exodus23:25; Deuteronomy11:13; 13:5 - To serve God 

6 Deuteronomy10:20 - To cleave to God 

7 Deuteronomy10:20 - On taking an oath by God's Name 

8 Deuteronomy 28:9 - On walking in God's ways 

9 Leviticus22:32 - On Sanctifying God's Name 


10 Deuteronomy 6:7 - On reciting the Sh'ma each morning and evening 

11 Deuteronomy 6:7 - On studying and teaching Torah 

12 Deuteronomy 6:8 - On binding Tefillin on the head 

13 Deuteronomy 6:8 - On binding Tefillin on the hand 

14 Numbers15:38 - On making Tzitzit with thread of blue, garments corners 

15 Deuteronomy 6:9 - On affixing a Mezuzah to doorposts and gates 

16 Deuteronomy31:12 - On Assembling each 7th year to hear the Torah read 

17 Deuteronomy17:18 - On that a king must write a copy of Torah for himself 

18 Deuteronomy31:19 - On that everyone should have a Torah scroll 

19 Deuteronomy 8:10 - On praising God after eating, Grace after meals 


20 Exodus 25:8 - On building a Sanctuary/(Tabernacle/Temple) for God 

21 Leviticus19:30 - On respecting the Sanctuary 

22 Numbers 18:4 - On guarding the Sanctuary 

23 Numbers18:23 - On Levitical services in the Tabernacle 

24 Exodus30:19 - On Cohanim washing hands & feet before entering Temple 

25 Exodus27:21 - On kindling the Menorah by the Cohanim 

26 Numbers 6:23 - On the Cohanim blessing Israel 

27 Exodus25:30 - On the Showbread before the Ark 

28 Exodus 30:7 - On Burning the Incense on the Golden Altar twice daily 

29 Leviticus 6:6 - On the perpetual fire on the Altar 

30 Leviticus 6:3 - On removing the ashes from the Altar 

31 Numbers 5:2 - On removing unclean persons from the camp 

32 Leviticus 21:8 - On honoring the Cohanim 

33 Exodus 28:2 - On the garments of the Cohanim 

34 Numbers 7:9 - On Cohanim bearing the Ark on their shoulders 

35 Exodus30:31 - On the holy anointing oil 

36 Deuteronomy18:6-8 - On the Cohanim ministering in rotation/watches 

37 Leviticus21:2-3 - On the Cohanim being defiled for dead relatives 

38 Leviticus21:13 - On that Cohen haGadol may only marry a virgin 


39 Numbers28:3 - On the twice Daily Burnt, tamid, offerings 

40 Leviticus6:13 - On Cohen haGadol's twice daily meal offering 

41 Numbers28:9 - On the Shabbat additional, musaf, offering 

42 Numbers28:11 - On the New Moon, Rosh Chodesh, additional offering 

43 Leviticus23:36 - On the Pesach additional offering 

44 Leviticus23:10 - On the second day of Pesach meal offering of the Omer 

45 Numbers28:26 - On the Shavuot additional, musaf, offering 

46 Leviticus23:17 - On the Two Loaves of bread Wave offering on Shavuot 

47 Numbers29:1-2 - On the Rosh HaShannah additional offering 

48 Numbers29:7-8 - On the Yom Kippur additional offering 

49 Leviticus16 - On the service of Yom Kippur, Avodah 

50 Numbers29:13 - On the Sukkot, musaf, offerings 

51 Numbers29:36 - On the Shemini Atzeret additional offering 

52 Exodus23:14 - On the three annual Festival pilgrimages to the Temple 

53 Exodus34:23; - On appearing before YHVH during the Festivals (Deuteronomy16:16) 

54 Deuteronomy16:14 - On rejoicing on the Festivals 

55 Exodus12:6 - On the 14th of Nisan slaughtering the Pesach lamb 

56 Exodus12:8 - On eating the roasted Pesach lamb night of Nisan 15 

57 Numbers9:11 - On slaughtering the Pesach Sheini, Iyyar 14, offering 

58 Numbers9:11; - On eating the Pesach Sheini lamb with Matzah and Maror 

59 Numbers10:9-10 - Trumpets for Feast sacrifices brought & for tribulation 

60 Leviticus22:27 - On minimum age of cattle to be offered 

61 Leviticus22:21 On offering only unblemished sacrifices 

62 Leviticus2:13 On bringing salt with every offering 

63 Leviticus1:2 On the Burnt-Offering 

64 Leviticus6:18 On the Sin-Offering 

65 Leviticus7:1 On the Guilt-Offering 

66 Leviticus3:1 On the Peace-Offering 

67 Leviticus2:1; On the Meal-Offering 

68 Leviticus4:13 On offerings for a Court (Sanhedrin) that has erred 

69 Leviticus4:27 Fixed Sin-Offering, by one unknowingly breaking a karet

70 Leviticus5:17 Suspensive Guilt-Offering if doubt of breaking a karet 

71 Leviticus5:15; Unconditional Guilt-Offering, for stealing, etc. 

72 Leviticus5:1-11 Offering higher or lower value, according to ones means 

73 Numbers5:6-7 To confess one's sins before God and repent from them P

 74 Leviticus15:13 On offering brought by a zav (man with a discharge) 

75 Leviticus15:28 Offering brought by a zavah (woman with a discharge) 

76 Leviticus12:6 On offering brought by a woman after childbirth 

77 Leviticus14:10 On offering brought by a leper after being cleansed 

78 Leviticus27:32 On the Tithe of one's cattle 

79 Exodus13:2 Sacrificing the First-born of clean (permitted) cattle 

80 Exodus22:28; On Redeeming the First-born of man, Pidyon ha-ben 

81 Exodus34:20 On Redeeming the firstling of an ass, if not... 

82 Exodus13:13 ...breaking the neck of the firstling of an ass 

83 Deuteronomy12:5-6 On bringing due offerings to Jerusalem without delay 

84 Deuteronomy12:14 All offerings must be brought only to the Sanctuary 

85 Deuteronomy12:36 On offerings due from outside Israel to the Sanctuary 

86 Deuteronomy12:15 On Redeeming blemished sanctified animal offerings 

87 Leviticus27:33 On the holiness of substituted animal offerings 

88 Leviticus6:9 On Cohanim eating the remainder of the Meal Offerings 

89 Exodus29:33 On Cohanim eating the meat of Sin and Guilt Offerings 

90 Leviticus7:19 Burn Consecrated Offerings that've become tameh/unclean 

91 Leviticus7:17 Burn remnant of Consecrated Offerings not eaten in time 


92 Numbers6:5 The Nazir letting his hair grow during his separation 

93 Numbers6:18 Nazir completing vow shaves his head & brings sacrifice 

94 Deuteronomy23:24 On that a man must honor his oral vows and oaths 

95 Numbers30:3 On that a judge can annul vows, only according to Torah 


96 Leviticus11:8, Defilement by touching certain animal carcasses, &... 

97 Leviticus11:29 ...by touching carcasses of eight creeping creatures 

98 Leviticus11:34 Defilement of food & drink, if contacting unclean thing 

99 Leviticus15:19 On Tumah of a menstruant woman 

100 Leviticus12:2 On Tumah of a woman after childbirth 

101 Leviticus13:3 On Tumah of a leper 

102 Leviticus13:51 On garments contaminated by leprosy 

103 Leviticus14:44 On a leprous house 

104 Leviticus15:2 On Tumah of a zav (man with a running issue) 

105 Leviticus15:6 On Tumah of semen 

106 Leviticus15:19 Tumah of a zavah (woman suffering from a running issue) 

107 Numbers19:14 On Tumah of a human corpse 

108 Numbers19:13, Law of the purification water of sprinkling, mei niddah 

109 Leviticus15:16 On immersing in a mikveh to become ritually clean 

110 Leviticus14:2 On the specified procedure of cleansing from leprosy 

111 Leviticus14:9 On that a leper must shave his head 

112 Leviticus13:45 On that the leper must be made easily distinguishable 

113 Numbers19:2-9 On Ashes of the Red Heifer, used in ritual purification 


114 Leviticus27:2-8 On the valuation for a person himself to the Temple 

115 Leviticus27:11 On the valuation for an unclean beast to the Temple 

116 Leviticus27:14 On the valuation of a house as a donation to the Temple 

117 Leviticus27:16, On the valuation of a field as a donation to the Temple 

118 Leviticus5:16 If benefit from Temple property, restitution plus 1/5th 

119 Leviticus19:24 On the fruits of the trees fourth year's growth 

120 Leviticus19:9 On leaving the corners (Peah) of fields for the poor 

121 Leviticus19:9 On leaving gleanings of the field for the poor 

122 Deuteronomy24:19 On leaving the forgotten sheaf for the poor 

123 Leviticus19:19 On leaving the misformed grape clusters for the poor 

124 Leviticus19:10 On leaving grape gleanings for the poor 

125 Exodus23:19 On separating & bringing First-fruits to the Sanctuary 

126 Deuteronomy18:4 To separate the great Heave-offering (terumah) 

127 Leviticus27:30; To set aside the first tithe to the Levites 

128 Deuteronomy14:22 To set aside the second tithe, eaten only in Jerusalem 

129 Numbers18:26 On Levites' giving tenth of their tithe to the Cohanim 

130 Deuteronomy14:28 To set aside the poor-man's tithe in 3rd and 6th year 

131 Deuteronomy26:13 A declaration made when separating the various tithes 

132 Deuteronomy26:5 A declaration made bringing First-fruits to the Temple 

133 Numbers15:20 On the first portion of the Challah given to the Cohen 


134 Exodus23:11 On ownerless produce of the Sabbatical year (shemittah) 

135 Exodus34:21 On resting the land on the Sabbatical year 

136 Leviticus25:10 On sanctifying the Jubilee (50th) year 

137 Leviticus25:9 Blow Shofar on Yom Kippur in the Jubilee & slaves freed 

138 Leviticus25:24 Reversion of the land to ancestral owners in Jubilee yr 

139 Leviticus25:24 On the redemption of a house within a year of the sale 

140 Leviticus25:8 Counting and announcing the years till the Jubilee year 

141 Deuteronomy15:3 All debts are annulled in the Sabbatical year, but... 

142 Deuteronomy15:3 ...one may exact a debt owed by a foreigner 


143 Deuteronomy18:3 The Cohen's due in the slaughter of every clean animal 

144 Deuteronomy18:4 On the first of the fleece to be given to the Cohen 

145 Leviticus27:21, (Cherem vow) one devoted thing to God, other to Cohanim 

146 Deuteronomy 12:21 Slaughtering animals, according to Torah, before eating 

147 Leviticus17:13 Covering with earth the blood of slain fowl and beast 

148 Deuteronomy22:7 On setting free the parent bird when taking the nest 

149 Leviticus11:2 Searching for prescribed signs in beasts, for eating 

150 Deuteronomy14:11 Searching for the prescribed signs in birds, for eating 

151 Leviticus11:21 Searching for prescribed signs in locusts, for eating 

152 Leviticus11:9 Searching for the prescribed signs in fish, for eating 


153 Exodus12:2; Deuteronomy16:1 Sanhedrin to sanctify New Moon, & reckon years & seasons 

154 Exodus23:12 On resting on the Shabbat 

155 Exodus20:8 On declaring Shabbat holy at its onset and termination 

156 Exodus12:15 On removal of chametz, leaven (yeast) on (Nisan 14) Pesach 

157 Exodus13:8 Tell of Exodus from Egypt 1st night Pesach, (Nisan 15) 

158 Exodus12:18 On eating Matzah the first night of Pesach, (Nisan 15) 

159 Exodus12:16 On resting on the first day of Pesach 

160 Exodus12:16 On resting on the seventh day of Pesach 

161 Leviticus23:35 Count the Omer 49 days from day of first sheaf (Nisan 16) 

162 Leviticus23 On resting on Shavuot 

163 Leviticus23:24 On resting on Rosh HaShannah 

164 Leviticus16:29 On fasting on Yom Kippur 

165 Leviticus16:29, On resting on Yom Kippur 

166 Leviticus23:35 On resting on the first day of Sukkot 

167 Leviticus23:36 On resting on (the 8th day) Shemini Atzeret 

168 Leviticus23:42 On dwelling in a Sukkah (booth) for seven days 

169 Leviticus23:40 On taking a Lulav (the four species) on Sukkot 

170 Numbers29:1 On hearing the sound of the Shofar on Rosh HaShannah 


171 Exodus30:12 On every male giving half a shekel annually to Temple 

172 Deuteronomy18:15 On heeding the Prophets 

173 Deuteronomy17:15 On appointing a king 

174 Deuteronomy17:11 On obeying the Great Court (Sanhedrin) 

175 Exodus23:2 On in case of division, abiding by a majority decision 

176 Deuteronomy16:18 Appointing Judges & Officers of the Court in every town 

177 Leviticus19:15 Treating litigants equally/impartially before the law 

178 Leviticus5:1 Anyone aware of evidence must come to court to testify 

179 Deuteronomy13:15 The testimony of witnesses shall be examined thoroughly 

180 Deuteronomy19:19 On condemning witnesses who testify falsely 

180 Deuteronomy19:19 False witnesses punished, as they intended upon accused 

181 Deuteronomy21:4 On Eglah Arufah, on the heifer when murderer unknown 

182 Deuteronomy19:3 On establishing Six Cities of Refuge 

183 Numbers35:2 Give cities to Levites - who've no ancestral land share 

184 Deuteronomy22:8 Build fence on roof, remove potential hazards from home 


185 Deuteronomy12:2; On destroying all idolatry and its appurtenances 

186 Deuteronomy13:17 The law about a city that has become apostate/perverted 

187 Deuteronomy20:17 On the law about destroying the seven Canaanite nations 

188 Deuteronomy25:19 On the extinction of the seed of Amalek 

189 Deuteronomy25:17 On remembering the nefarious deeds of Amalek to Israel 


190 Deuteronomy20:11 Regulations for wars other than ones commanded in Torah 

191 Deuteronomy20:2 Cohen for special duties in war; also men unfit return 

192 Deuteronomy23:14 Prepare place beyond the camp, so to keesanitary &... 

193 Deuteronomy23:15 ...so include a digging tool among war implements 


194 Leviticus5:23 On a robber to restore the stolen article to its owner 

195 Deuteronomy15:8; On to give charity to the poor (Leviticus25:35-36) 

196 Deuteronomy15:14 On giving gifts to a Hebrew bondman upon his freedom 

197 Exodus22:24 On lending money to the poor without interest 

198 Deuteronomy23:21 On lending money to the foreigner with interest 

199 Deuteronomy24:13; Exodus22:25 On restoring a pledge to its owner if he needs it 

200 Deuteronomy24:15 On paying the worker his wages on time 

201 Deuteronomy23:25 Employee is allowed to eat the produce he's working in 

202 Exodus23:5 On helping unload when necessary a tired animal 

203 Deuteronomy22:4 On assisting a man loading his beast with its burden 

204 Deuteronomy22:1, Exodus23:4; On that lost property must be returned to its owner 

205 Leviticus19:17 On being required to reprove the sinner 

206 Leviticus19:18 On love your neighbor as yourself 

207 Deuteronomy10:19 On being commanded to love the convert/proselyte 

208 Leviticus19:36 On the law of accurate weights and measures 


209 Leviticus 19:32 On honoring the old (and wise) 

210 Exodus 20:12 On honoring parents 

211 Leviticus19:3 On fearing parents 

212 Ge.1:28 On to be fruitful and multiply 

213 Deuteronomy 24:1 On the law of marriage 

214 Deuteronomy 24:5 On bridegroom devotes himself to his wife for one year 

215 Ge.17:10; Leviticus12:3 On circumcising one's son 

216 Deuteronomy 25:5 If a man dies childless his brother marry widow, or... 

217 Deuteronomy 25:9 ...release her/the-widow (Chalitzah) 

218 Deuteronomy 22:29 A violator must marry the virgin/maiden he has violated 

219 Deuteronomy 22:18 The defamer of his bride is flogged & may never divorce 

220 Exodus 22:15 On the seducer must be punished according to the law 

221 Deuteronomy 21:11 Captive women treated according to special regulations 

222 Deuteronomy 24:1 The law of divorce, only be means of written document 

223 Numbers 5:15 Suspected adulteress has to submit to the required test 


224 Deuteronomy 25:2 On whipping transgressors of certain commandments 

225 Numbers 35:25 On exile to city of refuge for unintentional homicide 

226 Exodus 21:20 On beheading transgressors of certain commandments 

227 Exodus 21:16 On strangling transgressors of certain commandments 

228 Leviticus 20:14 On burning transgressors of certain commandments 

229 Deuteronomy 22:24 On stoning transgressors of certain commandments 

230 Deuteronomy 21:22 Hang after execution, violators of certain commandments 

231 Deuteronomy 21:23 On burial on the same day of execution 


232 Exodus21:2 On the special laws for treating the Hebrew bondman 

233 Exodus21:8 Hebrew bondmaid married to her master or his son, or... 

234 Exodus21:8 ...allow the redemption to the Hebrew bondmaid 

235 Leviticus25:46 On the laws for treating an alien bondman 


236 Exodus21:18 On the penalty for a person inflicting injury 

237 Exodus21:28 On the law of injuries caused by an animal 

238 Exodus21:33 On the law of injuries caused by an pit 

239 Exodus21:37 On the law of punishment of thieves 

240 Exodus22:4 On the law of a judgement for damage caused by a beast 

241 Exodus22:5 On the law of a judgement for damage caused by a fire 

242 Exodus22:6 On the law of an unpaid guardian 

243 Exodus22:9 On the law of a paid guardian 

244 Exodus22:13 On the law of a borrower 

245 Leviticus25:14 On the law of buying and selling 

246 Exodus22:8 On the law of litigants 

247 Deuteronomy25:12 Save life of one pursued, even if need - kill oppressor 

248 Numbers27:8 On the law of inheritance

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