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U.S. National Debt Clock

America has lost it's Moral, Ethical, and Spiritual way, and is ready to bankrupt itself, ultimately losing it's Physical and Financial way.
Are you prepared for what's ahead?

America sold out

Christian Youth

The following is a list of resources for the Christian youth.
Interesting and Educational Sites


  • Coloring .com - A free coloring site
  • - is a unique site for online coloring. We have over 1,000 images to color in online without having to print. This is more online coloring pages than any other online coloring site. helps kids learn color concepts, eye-hand coordination, picture comprehension ? these skills form the foundation for early learning success. We are COPPA compliant. Everyone can use the site as no java, flash or applet is necessary to load the pages. Kids can email the pictures they colored or save them or print them.
  • Sabbath Youth Fun Activity Pages
  • KidPub - More than 40,000 stories written by kids from all over the planet!
  • Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood - We created this site with the hope that it would give families a time to interact together -- to talk together and have some fun playing and learning together. We also designed some activities so that even preschoolers may be able to have their own independent, creative fun.
  • Kids 4 Truth - Provides memorable, creative, and leading-edge teaching through the use of Multimedia Dynamations.
Middle  High Animals
  • National Geographic/Kids
  • BuschGardens SeaWorld - Loads and Loads of information! Whales, penguins, turtles, sharks and more!
  • Dinosaurs! - Brought to you by Honolulu Community College. Interesting photos and information on all kinds of dinosaurs.
  • Animal Planet - Videos, interactive games, information on shows and even links to show fan clubs. Science
Government Science Math
  • Ask Dr. Math - All school levels! Submit your own question to Dr. Math!
Health Basic Skills
  • Kid Safety - Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.
  • Learn to Tie Knots - Learn to tie these knots! Courtesy of Boy Scout Troop 9, Billings, Montana

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