The Antiquities Of The Jews
by Flavius Josephus
(Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
Book 7.
From Death of Saul
to Death of David
  Chapter 1:
   David Reigned over One Tribe
   at Hebron, While Saul's Son Reigned
   over Rest of Multitude; In
   Civil War Asahel and Abner Slain
  Chapter 2:
   Upon Slaughter of Ishbosheth,
   by Treachery of His Friends,
   David Received Whole Kingdom
  Chapter 3:
   How David Laid Siege to
   Jerusalem, Casts Canaanites out
   of it, and brought Jews
   to Inhabit Therein
  Chapter 4:
   When David Conquered Philistines,
   He Removed Ark to Jerusalem,
   and Had Mind to Build Temple
  Chapter 5:
   David Brought Under the Philistines,
   Moabites, Syrians, Idumeans and
   others in War; and Was Mindful
   of Friendship that Jonathan Borne Him
  Chapter 6:
   How War Was Waged
   Against Ammonites and
   Happily Concluded
  Chapter 7:
   How David Fell in Love
   with Bathsheba, and Slew Her
   Husband Uriah, for Which
   He Is Reproved by Nathan
  Chapter 8:
   How Absalom Murdered Amnon;
   and How He Was Banished,
   and Afterwards Recalled by David
  Chapter 9:
   Insurrection of Absalom Against
   David; and Ahithophel and Hushai;
   and Ziba and Shimei; and
   How Ahithophel Hanged Himself
  Chapter 10:
   When Absalom Was Beaten,
   He Was Caught in Tree
   by His Hair,
   and Was Slain
  Chapter 11:
   How David, when Recovered Kingdom,
   Was Reconciled to Shimei, Ziba;
   Upon Rise of Sedition, Amasa made Captain
   to Pursue Sheba; Amasa Slain by Joab
  Chapter 12:
   Hebrews Delivered from Famine
   when Gibeonites Caused Punishment
   Inflicted for Slain; Great Actions
   Against Philistines by David, Men of Valor
  Chapter 13:
   When David Numbered People,
   They Were Punished;
   How Divine Compassion
   Restrained Punishment
  Chapter 14:
   David Made Great Preparations for
   House of God; Upon
   Adonijah’s Attempt to Gain
   Kingdom, He Appointed Solomon to Reign
  Chapter 15:
   What Charge David Gave Solomon
   at Approach of His Death,
   and How Many Things He
   Left for Building the Temple
Book 8.
From Death of David
to Death of Ahab
  Chapter 1:
   How Solomon, when
   He Received Kingdom,
   Conquered Enemies
  Chapter 2:
   Wife of Solomon;
   Solomon's Wisdom, what
   He got from Hiram
   for Building Temple
  Chapter 3:
   Building of The Temple
  Chapter 4:
   Solomon Removes Ark into
   Temple, Makes Supplication
   to God, Offers Public
  Chapter 5:
   Solomon Builds Royal Palace,
   Very Costly and Splendid;
   How He Solved Riddles
   Sent Him by Hiram
  Chapter 6:
   Solomon Fortifies Jerusalem
   and Builds Great Cities, Brought
   Some Canaanites into Subjection;
   Entertained Queen of Egypt / Ethiopia
  Chapter 7:
   Solomon Grows Rich, Falls
   Desperately in Love with Women,
   God, Being Incensed, Raised up Ader -
   Jeroboam Against Him; Death of Solomon
  Chapter 8:
   Upon Death of Solomon,
   People Forsook Son
   Rehoboam, Ordain Jeroboam
   King over Ten Tribes
  Chapter 9:
   Jadon the Prophet Persuaded
   by Lying Prophet, and
   Returned [To Bethel], and
   Was Afterwards Slain by Lion.
  Chapter 10:
   Rehoboam and How God
   Inflicted Punishment upon Him
   for His Impiety, by
   Shishak [King of Egypt]
  Chapter 11:
   Death of Son of Jeroboam; How
   Jeroboam Beaten by Abijah, dies
   Afterwards, Succeeded iby Asa. Baasha
   Destroys Nadab & House of Jeroboam
  Chapter 12:
   How Zerah, King of Ethiopians, Beaten
   by Asa; How Asa, upon Baasha’s
   War, Invites King of Damascus;
   Destruction House of Baasha, Zimri King
  Chapter 13:
   Ahab, When Jezebel his Wife, Became
   More Wicked Than All Kings Before
   Him,; Actions of Elijah,
   and What Befell Naboth
  Chapter 14:
   How Hadad King of
   Damascus / Syria, Made Two Expeditions
   Against Ahab, and Was Beaten
  Chapter 15:
   Jehoshaphat King of Jerusalem.
   Ahab Makes Expedition Against Syrians
   with Jehoshaphat, but Was
   Overcome in Battle, and Perished
Book 9.
From Death of Ahab
to Captivity of the Ten Tribes
  Chapter 1:
   Jehoshaphat, How He Constituted
   Judges and by God’s
   Assistance Overcame His Enemies
  Chapter 2:
   Ahaziah, King of
   Israel, and Prophet Elijah
  Chapter 3:
   Joram and Jehoshaphat Make
   Expedition Against Moabites;
   Wonders of Elisha;
   Death of Jehoshaphat
  Chapter 4:
   Jehoram Succeeds Jehoshaphat;
   How Joram, His Namesake, Fought Syrians;
   Wonders by Prophet Elisha
  Chapter 5:
   Wickedness of Jehoram,
   King Of Jerusalem;
   His Defeat and Death
  Chapter 6:
   Jehu Anointed King, and
   Slew Joram and Ahaziah; What
   He Did for Punishment
   of Wicked
  Chapter 7:
   Athaliah Reigned over Jerusalem
   for Five [Six] Years when Jehoiada
   (High Priest) Slew Her, Jehoash,
   Son of Ahaziah, made King
  Chapter 8:
   Hazael Makes Expedition Against Israel /
   Jerusalem. Jehu Dies, Jehoahaz King;
   Jehoash, Jerusalem's King, Has Zechariah
   Stoned. Jehoash Dies, Amaziah King
  Chapter 9:
   Amaziah Expedition Against Edomites,
   Amalekites,Conquered Them; Afterwards
   War Against Joash, Beaten, Slain,
   and Uzziah Succeeded him
  Chapter 10:
   Jeroboam, King of Israel, and Prophet
   Jonah; After Death of Jeroboam,
   Son Zachariah made King.
   Uzziah Subdues Nations Round Him.
  Chapter 11:
   Zachariah, Shallum, Pekah, etc. take
   Government over Israelites; Pul /
   Tiglath-Pileser Expedition Against Israelites.
   Nahum Prophesies of Assyrians
  Chapter 12:
   After Death of Jotham, Ahaz Reigns;
   Against Whom Rezin and Pekah
   (King of Israel) Made War;
   Tiglath-Pileser Assists Ahaz, Syria Wasted
  Chapter 13:
   Pekah Dies by Treachery of
   Hoshea, Who After Subdued by
   Shalmaneser; Hezekiah Reigns Instead of
   Ahaz, His Actions of Piety / Justice
  Chapter 14:
   Shalmaneser Takes Samaria, Transplants
   Ten Tribes into Media,
   Brought Nation of Cutheans
   into Their Country
Book 10.
From Captivity of Ten Tribes
to First Year of Cyrus
  Chapter 1:
   Sennacherib Against Hezekiah; Rabshakeh
   Threatens Hezekiah when Sennacherib
   Against Egyptians, Isaiah Encouraged
   Him; Sennacherib Fails in Egypt
  Chapter 2:
   Hezekiah Sick, Ready to Die,
   God Gives Him Fifteen More
   Years, secure Promised by
   Shadow back Ten Degrees
  Chapter 3:
   Manasseh Reigns After Hezekiah,
   in Captivity Returns to God,
   Restored to His Kingdom
  Chapter 4:
   Amon Reigns Instead of
   Manasseh; After Amon, Josiah
   Reigns - is Righteous and
   Religious. Huldah the Prophetess
  Chapter 5:
   Josiah Fought with Neco, Wounded,
   Dies Afterward; How Neco Carried
   Jehoahaz, (King) to Egypt, Delivers
   Kingdom to Jehoiakim; Jeremiah - Ezekiel
  Chapter 6:
   Nebuchadnezzar, when Conquered Egypt,
   Went Against Jews, Slew
   Jehoiakim, Makes Jehoiachin,
   His Son, King
  Chapter 7:
   King of Babylon Repents of Making
   Jehoiachin King, Took to Babylon, Kingdom
   to Zedekiah. King Doesn't believe
   Jeremiah/Ezekiel; What Befell Jeremiah
  Chapter 8:
   King of Babylon Takes Jerusalem, Burns
   Temple, Removes People of Jerusalem -
   Zedekiah to Babylon, who
   Succeeded High Priesthood Under Kings
  Chapter 9:
   Nebuzaradan Set Gedaliah over Judea Jews,
   Gedaliah Slain by Ishmael; Johanan,
   After Ishmael, to Egypt with People;
   Nebuchadnezzar against Egyptians, captives
  Chapter 10:
   Daniel and What Befell
   Him at Babylon
  Chapter 11:
   Nebuchadnezzar and Successors, How Govt
   Dissolved by Persians; Daniel in
   Media and Prophecies He Delivered
Book 11.
From First of Cyrus to
Death of Alexander the Great
  Chapter 1:
   Cyrus, King of Persians, Delivers
   Jews from Babylon, Returns them
   to Country to Build Temple,
   Which He Pays For
  Chapter 2:
   Upon Death of Cyrus, Jews
   Hindered Building Temple by Cutheans
   and Neighboring Governors; How
   Cambyses Forbade Jews to Do This
  Chapter 3:
   After Death of Cambyses and Slaughter
   of Magi, Under Darius, Zorobabel Superior
   to others in Solution of Problems,
   Obtained Kingly Favor for Temple
  Chapter 4:
   How Temple Built, While
   Cutheans Endeavored Vainly
   to Obstruct Work
  Chapter 5:
   Xerxes, Son of Darius,
   Favored Jews; Concerning
   Esdras and Nehemiah
  Chapter 6:
   Esther, Mordecai and Haman;
   In Reign of Artaxerxes,
   Jews in Danger of Perishing.
  Chapter 7:
   John Slew His Brother Jesus
   in Temple; How Bagoses
   Injured Jews; What Sanballat Did
  Chapter 8:
   Sanballat, Manasseh and Temple
   Built on Mount Gerizzim; How
   Alexander Entered Jerusalem,
   Benefits Bestowed on Jews
 Book 12.
From Death of Alexander the Great
to Death of Judas Maccabeus
  Chapter 1:
   Ptolemy, Son of Lagus, Took
   Jerusalem/Judea by Deceit-Treachery,
   Carried Many Jews Thence,
   Planted Them in Egypt
  Chapter 2:
   Ptolemy Philadelphus Procured Laws
   of Jews to Be Translated into
   Greek Tongue, Set Captives
   Free, Dedicated Gifts to God
  Chapter 3:
   Kings of Asia Honored
   Jewish Nation, Made Them
   Citizens of Cities They Built
  Chapter 4:
   Antiochus Makes League with Ptolemy;
   How Onias Provoked Ptolemy Euergetes;
   Joseph Brought Things Right Again;
   More Things by Joseph, Son Hyrcanus
  Chapter 5:
   Quarrels of Jews About High Priesthood,
   Antiochus Against Jerusalem, Took City,
   Pillaged Temple; Jews Forsook Laws;
   Samaritans Name Temple to Jupiter Hellenius
  Chapter 6:
   Antiochus’s Prohibition to Jews on Laws of
   Their Country; Mattathias, Despised
   King, Overcame Antiochus's Generals;
   Death of Mattathias, Succession of Judas
  Chapter 7:
   Judas Overthrows Forces of Apollonius
   -Seron, Killed Generals of Their Armies
   Themselves; After Lysias/Gorgias Beaten,
   goes to Jerusalem, Purifies Temple
  Chapter 8:
   Judas Subdued Nations Round About;
   Simon Beat People of Tyre/Ptolemais;
   Judas Overcame Timotheus, Did
   Other Things After Joseph/Azarias Beaten
  Chapter 9:
   Death of Antiochus Epiphanes.
   Antiochus Eupator Fought Judas,
   Besieged Him in Temple and Afterwards
   Made Peace, Departed. Of Alcimus/Onias
  Chapter 10:
   Bacchides, General of Demetrius’s Army,
   Against Judea, Returned Without Success;
   Nicanor Then Sent Against Judas, Perished
   with Army; Alcimus dies, Judas succeeds
  Chapter 11:
   Bacchides Again Against Judas;
   Judas Fell while
   Courageously Fighting
Book 13.
From Death of Judas Maccabeus
to Death of Queen Alexandra
  Chapter 1:
   How Jonathan Took Government
   After Brother Judas; How He
   and Brother Simon Waged War
   Against Bacchides
  Chapter 2:
   How Alexander [Bala], in War
   with Demetrius, Granted Jonathan
   Advantages, becomes High Priest.
   Death of Demetrius
  Chapter 3:
   The Friendship Between Onias
   and Ptolemy Philometor; How
   Onias Built Temple in
   Egypt like Jerusalem
  Chapter 4:
   How Alexander Extraordinarily
   Honored Jonathan; How Demetrius
   (Demetrius' Son) Overcame Alexander,
   Made League with Jonathan
  Chapter 5:
   How Trypho Beat Demetrius,
   Delivered Kingdom to Alexander's
   Son Antiochus, Gained Jonathan for
   Assistant; Actions/Embassies of Jonathan
  Chapter 6:
   Jonathan Slain by Treachery;
   Jews Made Simon Their General &
   High Priest - Courageous Actions
   He Performed Against Trypho
  Chapter 7:
   Simon Confederates Himself with
   Antiochus Pius, Made War Against
   Trypho, then Antiochus’s General;
   Simon Murdered by Treacherous Ptolemy
  Chapter 8:
   Hyrcanus Receives High Priesthood,
   Ejects Ptolemy. Antiochus Makes War
   Against Hyrcanus, then
   Makes League with Him
  Chapter 9:
   After Death of Antiochus, Hyrcanus
   Made Expedition Against Syria &
   League with Romans. Death of
   King Demetrius, Alexander
  Chapter 10:
   Quarrel Between Antiochus Grypus and
   Antiochus Cyzicenus About Kingdom,
   Hyrcanus Took Samaria- Demolished
   It; Hyrcaus Joins Sadducees, Left Pharisees
  Chapter 11:
   Aristobulus Takes Government, Puts Diadem
   on Head, and Was Barbarously Cruel
   to His Mother and Brethren; After
   He Had Slain Antigonus, Died
  Chapter 12:
   Alexander Takes Government, Makes War
   Against Ptolemais, Raised Siege
   Fearing Ptolemy Lathyrus; Cleopatra
   Persuaded to War Against Ptolemy
  Chapter 13:
   Alexander in League of Defense With
   Cleopatra, Made War Against Celesyria,
   Overthrew Gaza; Slew Jews that Rebelled;
   Antiochus Grypus, Seleucus, Others
  Chapter 14:
   Demetrius Eucerus Overcomes Alexander,
   Retires out of Country Fearing
   Jews; Alexander Slew Many Jews,
   Got Clear Troubles; Demetrius Death
  Chapter 15:
   Antiochus (Dionysus) and After Aretas,
   Made War into Judea; Alexander
   Took Cities, Returned to Jerusalem,
   Dies; Counsel Given Alexandra
  Chapter 16:
   Alexandra Gains Good Will of
   Pharisees, Retains Kingdom Nine Years,
   Then After Doing Many
   Glorious Actions, Died
Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
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