The Antiquities Of The Jews
by Flavius Josephus

(Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
Book 14.
From Death of Queen Alexandra
to Death of Antigonus
  Chapter 1:
   War Between Aristobulus / Hyrcanus;
   They Agree Aristobulus to Be King
   and Hyrcanus Live Private Life;
   Hyrcanus to Fly to Aretas
  Chapter 2:
   Aretas / Hyrcanus Made Expedition
   Against Aristobulus, Besieged Jerusalem;
   Scaurus Raised Siege Concerning
   Death of Onias
  Chapter 3:
   Aristobulus/Hyrcanus to Pompey to
   Argue Kingdom; Flight of Aristobulus to
   Fortress, Pompey Army Against Him,
   Ordered Him Delivered to Fortresses
  Chapter 4:
   Pompey, when Jerusalem Shut Gates,
   Besieged City, Took It by
   Force; Other Things He
   Did in Judea
  Chapter 5:
   Scaurus Makes League with Aretas;
   What Gabinius Did in Judea After
   He Conquered Alexander
   (Son of Aristobulus)
  Chapter 6:
   Gabinius Caught Aristobulus After He
   Fled Rome, Sent Him Back to Rome;
   How Gabinius Overcame Alexander and
   Nabateans in Battle
  Chapter 7:
   Crassus in Judea, Pillages Temple;
   Marches Against Parthians / Perishes.
   Cassius Obtained Syria, Stopped
   Parthians, Went to Judea
  Chapter 8:
   Jews Confederates with Caesar as He
   Fought Egypt. Glorious Antipater Actions,
   Friendship with Caesar. Honors Jews
   Received from Romans / Athenians
  Chapter 9:
   How Antipater Committed Care of Galilee
   to Herod, Jerusalem to Phasaelus;
   How Herod, upon Jews’ Envy,
   Was Accused Before Hyrcanus
  Chapter 10:
   The Honors Paid Jews;
   Leagues that Were Made by
   Romans, and Nations Them
  Chapter 11:
   Marcus Succeeded after Sextus Slain
   by Bassus’s Treachery; After Caesar
   Death, Cassius to Syria, Distressed Judea;
   Malichus Slew Antipater -Slain himself
  Chapter 12:
   Herod Ejects Antigonus, Son of
   Aristobulus, out of Judea,
   What Antony Wrote to
   the Tyrians in Behalf
  Chapter 13:
   Antony Made Herod / Phasaelus Tetrarchs,
   How Parthians, when Antigonus in Judea,
   Took Hyrcanus / Phasaelus Captives.
   Herod’s Flight; Pain Hyr. / Phas. Endure
  Chapter 14:
   Herod Got Away from Arabia
   King, Made Haste to Egypt,
   then Rome; Promising Money to Antony,
   Caesar Made King of Jews
  Chapter 15:
   Herod Sailed out of Italy to
   Judea, Fought Antigonus; and
   Other Things Happened in Judea
  Chapter 16:
   Herod, when Married Mariamne,
   Took Jerusalem with Assistance of
   Sossius; How Government of
   Asamoneans Put to End
Book 15.
From Death of Queen Alexandra
to Death of Antigonus
  Chapter 1:
   Pollio/Sameas. Herod Slays Principal
   of Antigonus’s Friends, Spoils City
   of Wealth. Antony
   Beheads Antigonus
  Chapter 2:
   Hyrcanus Set at Liberty by Parthians,
   Returned to Herod; What
   Alexandra Did when Ananelus
   made High Priest
  Chapter 3:
   Herod Makes Aristobulus High
   Priest, Then Has Him Murdered;
   Apology Made to Antony About
   Aristobulus; Joseph and Mariamne
  Chapter 4:
   Cleopatra, when Got from Antony
   Parts of Judea/Arabia, Came to
   Judea; Herod Gave Presents, Conducted
   Her While She Goes to Egypt
  Chapter 5:
   Herod Wars with King of Arabia,
   Conquers Him, Chosen by Arabs to
   Be Nation's Governor;
   Concerning a Great Earthquake
  Chapter 6:
   Herod Slew Hyrcanus, Went to
   Caesar, Got Kingdom from Himo;
   How He Entertained Caesar
   in Honorable Manner
  Chapter 7:
   Herod Slew Sohemus/Mariamne,
   then Alexandra/Costobarus, then
   His Friends, at Last,the
   Sons of Babas also
  Chapter 8:
   Ten Men of Jerusalem Made Conspiracy
   Against Herod for Foreign Practices,
   Which Transgressed Laws of Country.
   Herod's Edifices Sebaste/Cesarea
  Chapter 9:
   Famine in Judea/Syria; Herod,
   After He Married Another
   Wife, Rebuilt Cesarea,
   Other Grecian Cities
  Chapter 10:
   Herod Sent Sons to Rome;
   He Accused by Zenodorus/Gadarens,
   but Cleared, Gained Good Will of
   Caesar. Pharisees, Essens, Manahem
  Chapter 11:
   Herod Rebuilt Temple, Raised It
   Higher, and Made It More Magnificent
   Than Before; Tower He
   Called Antonia
Book 16.
From Finishing Temple by Herod
to Death of Alexander / Aristobulus
  Chapter 1:
   Law of Herod’s on Thieves. Salome,
   Pheroras Calumniate Alexander,Aristobulus,
   when Returned from Rome,
   Herod Provides Wives
  Chapter 2:
   Herod Twice Sailed to Agrippa;
   Upon Complaint in Ionia Against
   Greeks, Agrippa Confirmed Laws
  Chapter 3:
   Great Disturbances in Herod's Family
   on Preferring Antipater, His Eldest Son,
   Before Rest, till Alexander
   Took Injury Heinously
  Chapter 4:
   During Antipater’s Abode at Rome,
   Herod Brought Alexander/Aristobulus
   Before Caesar, Accused Them. Alexander’s
   Before Caesar, Reconciliation to Father
  Chapter 5:
   Herod Celebrated Games that Returned
   Every Fifth Year, On Building Cesarea; How
   He Built/Adorned Many Places In
   Magnificent Manner; Other Glorious Actions
  Chapter 6:
   Embassage in Cyrene/Asia to
   Caesar, Complaints Against Greeks;
   Copies of Epistles Caesar/Agrippa
   Wrote to Cities for Them
  Chapter 7:
   Herod’s Going down to David’s
   Sepulcher, Sedition in His
   Family Greatly Increased
  Chapter 8:
   Herod Took up Alexander,
   Bound Him; Archelaus, King of
   Cappadocia, Reconciled
   to Father Herod
  Chapter 9:
   Revolt of Trachonites; Sylleus Accused
   Herod Before Caesar; Herod, when
   Caesar Angry at Him, Resolved to
   Send Nicolaus to Rome
  Chapter 10:
   Eurycles Falsely Accused Herod’s
   Sons; How Father Bound Them,
   Wrote Caesar About Them.
   Sylleus- How He Accused by Nicolaus
  Chapter 11:
   Herod by Caesar Permission,
   Accused His Sons Before Judges at
   Berytus; What Tero Suffered for
   Liberty of Speech. Death of Young Men
Book 17.
From Death of Alexander / Aristobulus
to Banishment of Archelaus
  Chapter 1:
   Antipater Hated by Jews for
   Slaughter of Brethren, Got Favor
   with Friends at Rome.
   Herod’s Wives and Children.
  Chapter 2:
   Zamaris, the Babylonian Jew;
   Plots Laid by Antipater Against
   His Father; The Pharisees
  Chapter 3:
   Enmity Between Herod / Pheroras;
   Herod Sent Antipater to
   Caesar; Death of Pheroras
  Chapter 4:
   Pheroras’s Wife Accused of Poisoning
   Him; Herod, upon Torture, Found
   Poison, but it was for HIM by Son;
   Discoveres Dangerous Antipater Plans
  Chapter 5:
   Antipater’s Leaves Rome for Father;
   Accused by Nicolaus, Condemned to
   Die by His Father; Bound till
   Caesar Informed of His Cause
  Chapter 6:
   Disease that Herod Fell into,
   Sedition Which Jews Raised;
   Punishment of the Seditious.
  Chapter 7:
   Herod Thinks of Killing Himself,
   Orders Antipater Slain
  Chapter 8:
   Herod’s Death, Testament,
   and Burial
  Chapter 9:
   People Raised Sedition Against
   Archelaus, How He Sailed
   to Rome
  Chapter 10:
   Sedition Against Sabinus,
   Varus Brought the
   Authors to Punishment
  Chapter 11:
   Embassage to Caesar; How
   Caesar Confirmed
   Herod’s Testament
  Chapter 12:
   Concerning a Spurious
  Chapter 13:
   Archelaus, upon Second
   Accusation, Banished to Vienna
Book 18.
From Banishment of Archelus
to Departure from Babylon
  Chapter 1:
   Cyrenius Sent by Caesar to Tax
   Syria/Judea; Coponius Procurator of
   Judea; Judas of Galilee;
   Sects Among Jews
  Chapter 2:
   Herod/Philip Built Cities to Honor
   Caesar. Succession of
   Priests/Procurators; What Befell
   Phraates / Parthians
  Chapter 3:
   Sedition of Jews Against
   Pontius Pilate; Concerning Christ,
   What Befell Paulina/Jews
   at Rome
  Chapter 4:
   Samaritans Made Tumult, Pilate
   Destroyed Many; Things Done
   by Vitellius Relating to
  Chapter 5:
   Herod the Tetrarch War with
   Aretas, Is Beaten; Death of John
   the Baptist. Vitellius in Jerusalem;
   Account of Agrippa, Posterity of Herod
  Chapter 6:
   King Agrippa to Tiberius Caesar;
   Accused by Freedman, Bound; Agrippa
   Free by Caius, After Tiberius'
   Death, Made King of Tetrarchy of Philip
  Chapter 7:
   Herod the Tetrarch
  Chapter 8:
   Embassage of Jews to Caius;
   Caius Sent Petronius into Syria to
   War Against Jews Unless
   They Receive Statue
  Chapter 9:
   What Befell Jews at Babylon on
   Occasion of Asineus/Anileus.
Book 19.
From Departure out of Babylon
to Fadus, the Roman Procurator
  Chapter 1:
   Caius Slain by Cherea
  Chapter 2:
   Senators Determined to Restore
   Democracy; Soldiers for Preserving
   Monarchy, Slaughter of Caius’s
   Wife/Daughter. Caius’s Morals.
  Chapter 3:
   Claudius Seized, Brought to Camp;
   Senate Sent Embassage to Him
  Chapter 4:
   What Agrippa Did for Claudius;
   Claudius Commanded Murderers
   of Caius Slain
  Chapter 5:
   Claudius Restored to Agrippa His
   Grandfather's Kingdoms, He Publishes
   an Edict in Behalf of Jews
  Chapter 6:
   Things Done by Agrippa at Jerusalem;
   What Petronius Wrote to
   Inhabitants of Doris, in
   Behalf of Jews
  Chapter 7:
   Silas and Why King Agrippa Angry
   at Him. Agrippa Encompass Jerusalem
   with Wall; Benefits He Bestowed
   on People of Berytus
  Chapter 8:
   Other Acts by Agrippa Until
   His Death; How Agrippa Died
  Chapter 9:
   Things Done After Agrippa's Death;
   Claudius, due to Youthful
   Agrippa (Junior) Sent Cuspius Fadus to
   be Procurator of Judea/Kingdom
Book 20.
From Fadus the Procurator
to Florus
  Chapter 1:
   Sedition of Philadelphians
   Against Jews;
   Vestments of High Priest
  Chapter 2:
   Helena, Queen of Adiabene, and
   Son Izates, Embrace Jewish Religion;
   Helena Supplied Poor with Corn
   when Great Famine at Jerusalem
  Chapter 3:
   Artabanus, King of Parthia, out of
   Fear of Subjects, Went to Izates,
   Reinstated in Government; Bardanes (Son)
   Denounced War Against Izates
  Chapter 4:
   Izates Betrayed by Subjects,
   Fought Against by Arabians; Izates
   by Providence of God, Delivered
   out of Their Hands
  Chapter 5:
   Theudas and Sons of Galilean
   Judas; Calamity Falls
   upon Jews on Passover
  Chapter 6:
   Quarrel Between Jews/Samaritans;
   Claudius Put an
   End to Differences
  Chapter 7:
   Felix Made Procurator of
   Judea; Agrippa, Junior
   and His Sisters
  Chapter 8:
   After Death of Claudius, Nero
   Succeeded, Barbarous Things He Did.
   Robbers/Murderers Arose While
   Felix/Festus Were Judea Procurators.
  Chapter 9:
   Albinus Under Whose Procuratorship
   James Was Slain;
   Edifices Built by Agrippa
  Chapter 10:
   Enumeration of the
   High Priests
  Chapter 11:
   Florus the Procurator, Who
   Necessitated Jews to Take
   Arms Against Romans.
(Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
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