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We have put together a list of web sites that may have Sabbath services or biblical studies.

Unfortunately there exist in the minds of some brethren in various Sabbath groups a mistrust, and hostility toward other Sabbath groups. Our hope, is that should you run into one of these groups you will not be discouraged, but will continue towards the goal of knowing and pleasing the Lord.

Disclaimer: Christian Walks does not necessarily endorse, in their entirety, all the agencies or organizations represented, or carry a “recommendation”.


Central Highlands Christian Publications (web site only)
Children of the Promises (web site only)
Christian Church of God (Grand Junction, CO)
Christian Church of God (Amirillo, TX)
Christian Churches of God (web site only)
Church of God (on-line services only)
Church of God of Central Arkansas (North Little Rock, ARK)
Church of God, Cincinnati (West Chester, OH)
Church of God Community Web Site (on-line services only)
Church of God Downers Grove (Downers Grove, IL)
Church of God - EIM (sites world wide)
Church of God The Eternal (sites world wide)
Church of God Faithful Flock (Medesto, CA)
Church of God Fellowship (Spokan, WA & Alberta Canada)
Church of God, International (sites world wide)
Church of God Kansas City (Independence, MO)
Church of God in Miami (Miami, FL)
Church of God, Ministries International (Gretna, LA)
Church of God New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
Church of God, New World Ministries (US & Canada)
Church of God Proclaimed (web site only)
Church of God Sabbatarian (Oak Park, MI)
Church of God, San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
Church of God, In Truth (on-line services only, Kimberling City, MO)
Church of God in Wales (UK)
Church of the Eternal God  (sites world wide)
Church of the Great God (sites world wide)
Church of the Sovereign God (Tampa, FL)
Church of God of Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)
COGWriter (Arroyo Grande or Grover Beach, CA)
Crusade Church of God (Russelville, ARK)

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