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Aldi Food Aunt Maples 2% Maple Syrup Non-Animal Clean
Alberto-Culver Molly McButter Natural Butter Non-Pork Clean
  Molly McButter Lite Sodium Butter Non-Pork Clean
Chef Pierre 10” Unbaked Pie Shells with vegetable shortening Vegetable Clean
Country Home Bakers 10" Unbaked Pie Shells Shortening/Vegetable Clean
Dominick's Frozen Pie Shells (Reg. & Deep Dish) Non-Pork Clean
  Refrigerated Pie Shells Lard - Pork Unclean
Elyon (Golden Fluff Inc.) Gelatin (All varieties)  Hides/Skins, Clean Cattle Clean
Emes Kosher Jel Discontinued N/A
Francesco Rinaldi  Francesco Rinaldi 24oz Tomato Basil Sauce Non-Animal Clean
  Francesco Rinaldi 24oz Marinara Sauce Non-Animal Clean
Fleming Companies Best Yet Gelatin Pork Unclean
Gefen (Kenover Mkg.Corp.) Gelatin Non-Pork Clean
Heinz All products having a circle “U” or “K”.          Clean
  Note: The above Kosher symbols approved by the IOG for Heinz products.  
  College Inn Chicken Broth Non-pork Clean
Hershey Foods Corp. Chocolate Syrup Non-Animal Clean
HP Health Care DiabetiSweet Non-Pork Clean
Jel-Sert Davis Baking Powder Non-Pork Clean
  My-T-Fine Puddings Non-Pork Clean
Royal Gelatins Gelatin, Pork Unclean
  Royal Puddings Non-Pork Clean
  Royal Flan Non-Pork Clean
JM Sucker Co. Crisco (All Varieties) Non-Pork Clean
K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue Sauces Non-Pork Clean
  Honey Teriyaki Marinade Non-Pork Clean
  Garlic & Herb Marinade Non-Pork Clean
  BBQ Marinade Non-Pork Clean
Kraft Foods JELLO Pork Unclean
Kroger Instant Pudding Mixes: Banana Cream, Tapioca & Pistachio Non-Pork Clean
  Note: All Kroger products containing gelatin (source is pork) Pork Unclean
Lawry’s Marinades Non-Animal Clean
  Season Salt Non-Animal Clean
  Taco Seasonings Non-Animal Clean
Lea & Perrins Worestershire Sauce Non-pork Clean
Little Crow Foods Bakin' Miracle Non-Pork Clean
  Fryin' Magic Vegetable, Syn. Clean
Marshmallows Most Brands--(Solid) Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Elyon Miniature Marshmallows Gelatin, Kosher Fish Clean
Paskesz Mini Marshmallows Gelain, Kosher Fish Clean
Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Crème Non-Animal Clean
Solo Foods Baker's Corner Marshmallow Crème Non-Animal Clean
McCormick Bag Gravy Pork/Processing Unclean
  Chili Sauces Pork/Processing Unclean
  Bag Seasoning Mixes Pork/Processing Unclean
  Individual Seasonings bearing a cRc Kosher Symbol   Clean
Mrs. Smith Bakeries All Products with a circled "U" w/o L-Cysteine Non-Pork Clean
Nabisco A-1 Steak Sauce Non-Animal Clean
  Knox Gelatin Pork Unclean
Natural Desserts Brand Gel-Dessert - Gelatin - Vegan Non-Pork Clean
Instant Pudding Mixes Non-Pork Clean
  Nutra Drink Brand Non-Pork Clean
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Non-Animal Clean
    (Gelatin Fruit Pectin)
Pappy’s Foods, Inc. Jewel Seasoning Salt Non-Animal Clean
Pinnacle Foods Vlassic Peppers, Pickles & Relishes Non-Pork Clean
Safeway Select Frozen Pie Shells (Reg. & Deep Dish) Non-Pork Clean
  Refrigerated Pie Shells Pork Unclean
Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart BakeShop Products (Per their representative, they can not guarantee that LARD is
  never used in their products. They stated to look for animal free products to be safe.
Sara Lee Beuler's Pie Crust (Aldi's) Pork Unclean
Sweet ‘N Low Sugar In The Raw Non-Pork Clean
United Sugars Corp. Crystal Sugar Non-Pork Clean

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