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Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Chelada  Clam Broth Unclean
  Bud Light Clamato Chelada Clam Broth Unclean
Bolthouse Farms Juice Drinks, Vegetable products and Salad Dressings bearing the OU kosher symbol  Non-Pork Clean
Campbell Tomato Juice Non-Animal Clean
  V8 Vegetable Juice Non-Animal Clean
Canada Dry Mott's Clamata (All Varieties) Clam Broth Unclean
Citrus Systems (Aldi) Nature's Nectar Strawberry-Kiwi & Guava-Mango Juice Drink Non-animal Clean
Coca-Cola Most products   Clean
  Minute Maid Juices To Go Ruby Red Grapefruit Drink Pork/Processing Unclean
Jugos Del Valle Strawberry Banana Juice Pork/Processing Unclean
  Jugos Del Valle Strawberry Juice Nectar Pork/Processing Unclean
Dr Pepper/ Seven Up, Inc. Dr Pepper   Clean
  Seven Up   Clean
  A & W Root Beer Cerified Kosher CRC Clean
Cream Soda Castoreum (From Beavers) Unclean
Guinness Beer Beers contain an ingredient (Isinglass) from catfish Catfish Unclean
Heineken USA All Varieties Non-Animal Clean
Horizon Organic Juices (All Varieties) Non-Animal Clean
Jel-Sert Fla-Vor-Ice Non-Pork Clean
  Flavor Aid Non-Pork Clean
  Mondo Drinks Non-Pork Clean
  Otter-Pops Non-Pork Clean
  Pop-Ice Non-Pork Clean
  Wyler's Non-Pork Clean
LAND O LAKES Cocoa Classics Hot Cocoa MIX   Clean
  Cappuccino Classics Hot Cappuccino Mix   Clean
  Sauté Express   Clean
Magnolia Spice Teas All Varieties Non-Animal Clean
Miller-Coors Lite, MGD, MGD Light & Sparks Non-Animal Clean
  Watertown Hop Products Non-Animal Clean
  Coors - ALL Non-Animal Clean
Minute Maid Minute Maid Fruit Drink Non-Animal Clean
  Minute Maid – 100% Pink Grapefruit Juice Cochineal Unclean
  Hi-C Fruit Drink Non-Animal Clean
  Five Alive Juice Non-Animal Clean
Mistic Brands, Inc. All Drinks Non-Animal Clean
  Whipple Smoothies Milk Clean
  Ruby Red Drink Vegetable Color Clean
Ocean Spray Juice Ruby Red (All Varieties) Vegetable Color/Red #40 Clean
  White Cranberry Peach Canthaxanthin Unclean
  All Other Drinks Non-Animal Clean
Old Orchard Products with Carmine/Cochineal Insect Unclean
  Products without Carmine/Cochineal   Clean
Pespi Cola All Drinks Non-Animal Clean
Snapple All Drinks Non-Pork Clean
  Ruby Red Drink Vegetable Color Clean
Welch's All 100% Juices & Drinks Non-Animal Clean

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