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Agrilink Foods Brooks Hot Chili Beans Non-Animal Clean
Allen Canning Company (Canned Vegetables) All products having the "Star K" symbol Non-Pork Clean
Barilla America, Inc. Pasta Sauces All Meat Free Clean
Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes Non-Pork Clean
Borden Foods Prince Pasta   Clean
  R&F   Clean
  Classico Pasta Sauces   Clean
  Classico Italian Sausage Flavored Pasta Sauce   Unclean
  Creamette Pasta   Clean
Bush Brotherís & Co. Vegetarian Baked Beans Non-Animal Clean
Campbell Soup Company Franco American Pasta Enzy., Beef/Pork Unclean
  Prego Pasta Sauces Enzy., Beef/Pork Unclean
Campbell Soup Company Condensed Tomato Soup Non-Animal Clean
  Condensed Vegetarian Vegetable Soup Non-Animal Clean
  Reg. Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup Non-Animal Clean
  Pace Picante Sauce Non-Pork Clean
  Pace Thick & Chunky Salsa Non-Pork Clean
Cantisano Foods Aldi Brand: Casamamita Salsa Non-animal Clean
Francesco Rinaldi 24oz Tomato Basil Sauce Non-Animal Clean
  24oz Marinara Sauce Non-Animal Clean
Garden of Eatin' Salsa Non-animal Clean
General Mills Potato Buds Momo-digly., Vegetable Clean
  Chicken Helper Pork processing Unclean
  Hamburger Helper Pork processing Unclean
  Tuna Helper Pork processing Unclean
Glory Foods Seasoned Blackeye Peas Pork Fat Unclean
  All Can Products & Products with Pork Pork Fat Unclean
  Fresh Greens in the bag Non-animal Clean
Golden Grain Company  
Pasta Roni: Herb & Butter Pasta Non-Animal Clean
  Vermicelli with Garlic & Olive Oil Pasta Non-Animal Clean
Rice-A-Roni Herb & Butter Rice Non-Animal Clean
  Spanish Rice Non-Animal Clean
  Vermicelli with Garlic & Olive Oil Rice Non-Animal Clean
Heinz Cream of Celery Soup Non-Pork Clean
  Cream of Green Pea Soup Non-Pork Clean
  Cream of Mushroon Soup Non-Pork Clean
  Cream of Potato Soup Non-Pork Clean
  Tomato Soup Non-Pork Clean
  Vegetatian Vegetable Soup Non-Pork Clean
Hormel Food Corp. Dine Fine Beef Stew (Aldi's) Beef Clean
  Hormel Chili No Beans Non-Pork Clean
  Hormel Chili With Beans Non-Pork Clean
  Chi-Chi Salsa Non-Pork Clean
Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes, Baby Reds & Buttery Homestyle Non-Pork Clean
  All other - Have bacon and enzymes Pork Unclean
Karlin Foods Corp. Aldi Brand:  
       Rice Bowl Beef Rice Mixes Beef Clean
       Rice Bowl Chicken Rice Mixes Chicken Clean
       Valley View Instant Mashed Potatoes Non-animal Clean
       Cheese Club Macaroni & Cheese Enzymes, Non-Pork Clean
Kraft Foods Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Flavor Enzy., Pork Unclean
Lipton All Products Containing Gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Rice & Sauce Cajun Style Rice & Beans Non-Animal Clean
  Original Recipe Long Grain & Wild Rice Non-Animal Clean
  Spanish Non-Animal Clean
Recipe Secrets Onion Non-Animal Clean
  Onion Mushroom Non-Animal Clean
  Vegetable Non-Animal Clean
Cup-A-Soup Green Pea Non-Animal Clean
Maruchan Ramen Noodles Shrimp processing Unclean
Morgan Foods,Inc.(Aldi Brand) Chef Cupboard Chunky Chicken soup Non-Pork Clean
  Cream of Mushroom Soup Non-Pork Clean
Nissin Top Ramen Noodles Shrimp processing Unclean
Pepsico Rice&Roni(Aldi's) Creamy Four Cheese Beef/Pork & Shellfish Unclean
  Rice&Roni(Aldi's) Parmesan Chicken Beef/Pork & Shellfish Unclean
  Rice&Roni(Aldi's) Country Cheddar Beef/Pork & Shellfish Unclean
  Pasta Roni Chicken Quesadila Beef/Pork & Shellfish Unclean
  Near East Products Non-Animal Clean
Progresso Vegetarian Vegetable Soup Non-Animal Clean
Ragu Pasta Sauces Without Cheese Clean
  Pasta Sauces with Beef & NO Cheese Beef Clean
  Pasta Sauces with Cheese Pork Unclean
  Pasta Sauces with Sausage Pork Unclean
  Pizza Sauces without Cheese & Meat   Clean
*Note: Brothers and Sisters Ragu makes over 30 Varieties of Pasta Sauces, Please READ the LABELS, If it Contains CHEESE it is from (Pork).

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