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Al Khyam Bakery Pita Bread Non-Animal Clean
Alpha Baking Company S.Rosen Breads/Rolls Duck Feathers Unclean
  Some of their products don’t have this food additive, so read the label.  
Aunt Millie's Bakeries Old World French Sub Rolls L-Cysteine Unclean
  4oz. Plain Bagels L-Cysteine Unclean
  Cinnamon Raisin Bagels L-Cysteine Unclean
  Whole Grain Bagels L-Cysteine Unclean
Bake House Creations Crescent Rolls Non-Animal Clean
Benton's (Aldi Brand) Fig Bars Plant based Clean
Best Food Baking, Co. Brownberry Bread Vegetable Clean
  Boboli Bread Vegetable Clean
Beuler's (Aldi Foods) Crescent Rolls Non-Pork Clean
  Buttermilk Biscuits Non-Pork Clean
  Jumbo Buttermilk Biscuits Non-Pork Clean
  Texas Art Butter Flavor Biscuits Non-Pork Clean
Bimbo Bakeries USA Breads (without L-cysteine and have Kosher symbol) Vegetable Clean
(Sara Lee) Betterway Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean
Holsum Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean
  Pillsbury Breads Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean
  Mother’s Bread Mono-dyg.,Beef/Pork Unclean
  All other products that are not cerified Kosher & have L-cysteine Pork Unclean
Certified Groceries Country Delight Bread Vegetable Clean
    (Baker Divison)    
Chicago Baking Company Butternut Vegetable Clean
  Sunbeam Vegetable Clean
  Roman Meal Vegetable Clean
Cinnabon Inc. Dough, no longer uses L-Cysteine in their products.
All FREE of pork, lard, beef tallow, reneet and gelatin
Non-Pork Clean
Cloverhill Bakery (Aldi Brand) All Baked Goods Vegetable Clean
Cole Bread Frozen bread loaves (All Varieties) Enzymes, pork Unclean
Dominick’s Fresh Bake Shop Products Beef/Pork Unclean
  French Bread L-Cysteine/Life-Forms Unclean
  Dominicks/Safeway Pre-Packaged Breads, Bagels, Muffins,
Hotdog&Hamburger Buns
  Are Designated CLEAN unless they contain L-Cysteine. Mono-Digly./Enzy, Veg/Beef.
Earthgrains Jewel Crescent Rolls Mono-digly.Beef/Pork. Unclean
  Jewel Jumbo Biscuits Mono-digly, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Jewel 10ct. Buttermilk Biscuits Tallow, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Jewel Homestye Biscuits Tallow, Beef/Pork Unclean
George Weston Bakeries Thomas' Sahara Pita Breads Non-Pork Clean
Hearth Hearth 100% Natural Whole Wheat Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth 100% Natural Honey Oatmeal Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth 100% Natural Whole Grain White Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth Fiber for Life 12 Grain Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth Fiber for Life Honey Crunchy Oat Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth Fiber for Life Potato Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  (ALL) Hearth Organic & Hearth Whole Grain line Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Hearth Raisin Swirl Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Wheat/White Sandwich Bread Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Family Style Whole Grain Wheat Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  Family Style White Hamburge & Hot Dog Buns Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  (ALL) Hearth Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
  (ALL) Slimwiches Non-Pork (Kosher Pareve) Clean
Interstate Brands Co. Wonder Bread Vegetable Clean
  Beef Steak Bread Vegetable Clean
  Bread Dujour Vegetable Clean
Jewel/Osco Fresh Bake Shop Products Beef/Pork/Veg. Unclean
  Jewel Louisiana Crunch Cake Non-pork Clean
Made by Lewis Bakeries Jewel Breads Vegetable Clean
" Jewel Rolls Vegetable Clean
" Jewel Hotdog Buns Vegetable Clean
" Jewel Hamburger Buns Vegetable Clean
  Jewel Packaged Breads Pork-free  Clean
Jiffy Mix Corn Bread mix Lard, Pork Unclean
King’s Hawaiian King’s Round Hawaiian Bread & Rolls Vegetable Enzymes/mono-digl. Clean
La Mas Raca Flour Tortillas L-Cysteine Unclean
Lewis Brothers Bakeries (Aldi) Most Products are Certified Kosher and do not contain L-Cysteine. http://www.lewisbakeries.net/our-brands Non-Animal Clean
  Aldi's L'Oven Fresh hot dog & hambuger buns Pork-free Clean
Little Crow Foods Miracle Maize - Country Style Vegetable Clean
  Miracle Maize - Sweet Vegetable Clean
McDonald's Sesame Seed Buns L-Cysteine Unclean
Mississippi Bakery (Aldi Brand) L’Oven Fresh Breads Vegetable Clean
  Mini Butter Croissants L-Cysteine (duck feather) Unclean
Lewis Bakeries (Aldi Brand) L’Oven Fresh Hamburger buns Vegetable Clean
" L’Oven Fresh Hot Dog buns Vegetable Clean
Nature's Own 100% Wheat Bread Non-Pork Clean
Panera Bread Bagels & Artisan Breads Non-Pork Clean
  Note: They have new natural bagel base that doesn't use L-cystein or cysteins.  
  Breads & Pastries, vegetarian mono-diglycerides Non-Pork Clean
Pepperidge Farm Breads Non-Animal Clean
  Cookies Non-Animal Clean
  Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread w/ Cheese Beef / Pork Unclean
  Any of their products that contain Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Pillsbury All can refrigerated biscuits Beef / Pork Unclean
(General Mills) Click here for a list of their bread/biscuit products that are clean and certified kosher.   
Quaker Oats Company Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix Non-Animal Clean
Safeway Select 5 Cheese Garlic Toast L-Cysteine Unclean
  Garlic Cheese Bread L-Cysteine Unclean
Sam's Club Svenheads Swedish Bakery Asst. Danish Plant-ingredients Clean
Sara Lee (A Subsidary of Bimbo) Breads Mono-diglycerides, Veg. Clean
  Bimbo Breads (See Bimbo Bakeries USA) Mono-diglycerides, Veg. Clean
  Iron Kids Bread Mono-diglycerides, Veg. Clean
  Earthgrains Breads Mono-diglycerides, Veg. Clean
White Castle "BUNS" L-Cysteine Unclean

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