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Annie's Fruit Snacks Clean
Baldwin-Richardson Foods Baldwin Ice Cream Non-Animal Clean
  Mrs. Richardson Toppings Vegetable/plant Clean
Baker's & Chef's (Sam's Club) White American Cheese 120ct/slices Porcine Enzymes Unclean
Baskin-Robbins  (ALL) Products Certified Kosher (one exception) Non-Pork Clean
  Pink Bubble Gum & Rocky Road Ice Cream Gelatin (Pork) Unclean
Berner Foods Casa Mamita Salsa Non-Pork Clean
  Con Quesso Mild Non-Pork Clean
  Leland Cheese Topping Non-Pork Clean
Bernstein's Dressings   Unclean
Best Foods I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
  Regular Quarters-Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
  Regular Spread-Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
  Spray Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
  Squeeze Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
  Sweet (Unsalted) Butter Non-Gelatin Clean
Best Foods Fat Free Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Light Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Sweet Cream & Calcium Butter Gelatin, Beef/Pork Unclean
Borden Foods Cheese Singles Gelatin, Pork/Cross cont. Unclean
  Natural Cheeses Pork-free Clean
Bongards Creameries (Aldi's) Clancy's Cheese Spread (similar to Velveeta) Pork-free Clean
Brown Cow Farm YOGURTS (All varieties) Non-Pork Clean
CDS Aldi's brand natural cheeses Microbiological Clean
ConAgra Foods Jolly Rancher Gel Snacks Non-Gelatin Clean
  Reddi Wip Topping Non-Pork Clean
Cool Cups Snacks 4-pack Gel Snack Non-Pork Clean
Country Classic Dairies Cottage Cheese Enzymes, Beef Clean
Crystal Farms Natural cheeses Non-Animal Clean
  Process cheeses Beef and Pork Unclean
  Cheese Loaf singles Beef and Pork Unclean
  Hot Pepper cheeses Beef and Pork Unclean
Dannon Flavored: Coffee, Cran Raspberry, Lemon & Vanilla Yogurts                   Non-Pork Clean
  Plain: Lowfat, Nonfat,  Clean Natural, & Organic Yogurts Non-Pork Clean
  Frozen:  All Varieties Non-Pork Clean
  Soft Frozen Fat Free:  
  Blueberry Pie, Strawberry, Chocolate Non-Pork Clean
  French Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Non-Pork Clean
  Peach Passion, Praline Pecan, Non-Pork Clean
  NY Cheesecake, White Chocolate  Non-Pork Clean
  Mousse & Red Raspberry Yogurts  Non-Pork Clean
  SS No Sugar Added:  
  Vanilla, Chocolate, & Nonfat Gourmet Non-Pork Clean
  Variety Pack Mix Non-Pork Clean
  All Yogurt Products with Gelatin or Cochineal Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Dean Foods Dairy products Gelatin, Beef Clean
     (Morning Star Foods Div.) Dairy Ease 100% Lactose Free Milk Non-Pork Clean
  Dips (All Varieties) Gelatin, Pork Unclean
  Chugs' Milk VD3, non-animal Clean
  Ice Cream Non-Pork Clean
     (Morning Star Foods Div.) Milk VD3, non-animal Clean
  Sour Cream Non-Pork Clean
  Fieldcrest Ice Cream (Jewel) Plant/Vegetable Clean
  Fieldcrest Milk VD3, non-animal Clean
Dole Foods, Inc. Fruit N' Gel Bowls (Most) Non-Pork Clean
  Fruit N' Gel Bowls with Cochineal Cochineal Unclean
  Jar Fruit Cochineal Unclean
Driggs Farms Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Sandwich Non-Pork Clean
(acquired by Land-O-Sun Dairies) Sundae Shoppe Nut Cones Non-Pork Clean
A Subsidiary of Dean Foods Sundae Shoppe Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Non-Pork Clean
Dutch Farm  (ALL) Cheese Products Microbial Enzymes Clean
  (ALL) Gelatin Products Animal Gelatin Unclean
  Note: Their Cheeses can be purchased from: Sunset, Caputos, Treasure Island, Pete's, Tony's, Ultra, Strack&Van Til, Walts, Garden Fresh and som Super Walmarts.  
Edy’s Dreamery's Galactic Chocolate Swirl Gelatin, Pork Unclean
  All other Dreamery Ice Creams Non-Pork Clean
  Edy’s Grand Ice Cream Vegetable/Plant Clean
  Edy's Sherbet Vegetable/Plant Clean
  Fruit Bars Vegetable/Plant Clean
  (Plain flavors only e.g. Vanilla, Chocolate, etc…)  
  Edy’s Rocky Road Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Friendly Farms (Aldi's) Blueberry, & Strawberry Yogurts  Non-Pork Clean
  Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Non-Pork Clean
General Mills Colombo & Yoplait Yogurts    
Kosher List Without Cochineal Gelatin, Beef Clean
  With Cochineal Insect, Lac Unclean
  Yoplait Frozen Smoothies Gelatin, Pork Unclean
  Click here for their kosher list of 2013    
Great Lakes Cheese Aldi brand: Happy Farms Natural Cheese Microbial/Chymosin Clean
  Processed Cheese Singles/Spreads Enzymes,pork/calf Unclean
Hickory Farms Cheese Products - Microbial enzymes Non-Pork Clean
Horizon Organic Butter Non-Pork Clean
  Cheeses Non-Pork Clean
  Cottage Cheese Non-Pork Clean
  Milk Non-Pork Clean
  Parmesan Cheese Rennet, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Puddings Non-Pork Clean
Horizon Organic Sour Cream Non-Pork Clean
  Yogurt Non-Pork Clean
JOHNSON & JOHNSON Benecol Spreads & BENECOL Smart Chew Caramel Flavor Vegetable/Mono-Digly. Clean
Kellogg fruit snacks  Pork Unclean
Kraft Foods Blue Cheese Dressing Calf Clean
  Ceasar Salad Dressing Romano, goat and lamb Clean
  Ranch Salad Dressing Calf Clean
  Grated Parmesan Cheese   Clean
  Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese   Clean
  Light Philadelphia Brand Neufchatel Cheese   Clean
  Natural Swiss cheese   Clean
  Kraft Singles Flav. Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Kraft Velveeta Flav. Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean
  Miracle Whip Salad Dressing   Clean
  Mayo Real Mayonnaise   Clean
  All Products with Gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Kroger Company Natural cheese without gelatin Non-Pork Clean
  Cheese Singles & Cheeses with gelatin Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Land O’ Lakes, Inc. Sweet Cream Butter, Sticks or Whipped (salted and unsalted) Non-Pork Clean
  Light Butter, Sticks or Whipped Non-Pork Clean
  Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil Non-Pork Clean
  Butter with Olive Oil Non-Pork Clean
  Light Butter with Canola Oil Non-Pork Clean
  Honey Butter Spread Non-Pork Clean
  Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread Non-Pork Clean
  Natural Cheeses Enzymes, Microbial Clean
  Processed American Cheeses Enzymes, Beef/Pork/Microbial Unclean
  Butter [All Varieties] has natural flavor from lactic acid Non-Pork Clean
  Margarine & Spreads  Non-Pork Clean
  NATURAL CHEESES have enzymes from microbial source Non-Pork Clean
LACTAID Brand  Whole Milk contains Vitamin D3 from Lamb's wool Non-pork Clean
  All Natural Ice Cream Vanilla  Non-pork Clean
Lifeway Kefir Probiotic Drinks & Farmer's Cheeses Non-Pork Clean
Market Pantry (Target) Fruit Snacks Pork Unclean
Master's Gallery Jewel Cheese Singles Pork Unclean
  Jewel Natural Cheeses Non-Pork Clean
McNeil  Lactaid 100% Lactose Free Milk Enzymes, fungal Clean
(Made by Splenda) Lactaid Whole Milk Vitamin D3, Lambswool Clean
(Made by Splenda) LACTAID Brand All Natural Ice Cream Vanilla Non-Pork Clean
  All of their products are certified kosher by the OU.    
Multi-Foods Pet Evaporated Milk Non-Pork Clean
Nestle Nestle Carnation Coffee Mate Vegetable Clean
  Carnation Evaporated Milk Vegetable Clean
Old Homes Foods Oberweiss, Low Fat Yogurt Gelatin, Beef Clean
  Soft Whip Yogurt Non-Pork Clean
  Oberweiss Milk VD3, non-pork Clean
Peak Foods Aldi's Frozen Whipped Topping Non-Pork Clean
Richelieu Foods, Inc. Aldi Salad Mate Dressings:  
  French Dressing Non-Animal Clean
  Ranch Dressing Cow Clean 
Tuscan Garden products Ranch & French Dressings  Pork-free Clean
Saputo Cheese USA Dragone Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean
  Gardenia Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean
  Frigo Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean
  Lorraine Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean 
  Stella Enzyme, calf,kid,lamb Clean
Sargento  Shredded, sliced cheeses Non-Animal Clean
  6 Cheese Italian Blend Beef Clean
  Romano/Provolone Cheese Wedges Beef Clean
  Light 6 Cheese Italian Blend Beef Clean
  Light Sliced Provolone Beef Clean
Schreiber Foods, Inc. Cub Store Brand cheese Pork Unclean
  Ultra Food Store Brand cheese Pork Unclean
Unilever Breyers, Good Humor, Klondyke & Pop Gelatin, Pork/ Insect Unclean
  Sicle Products with Gelatin  
  Products without Gelatin or Carmine Non-Pork Clean
Wish-Bone Italian Dressing Non-Pork Clean
  Robusto Italian Dressing Non-Pork Clean
Abbott Laboratories Isomil Soy Clean
     (Ross Products Division) Pedialyte (OU) Non-Pork Clean
  Pediasure (OU) Non-Pork Clean
  Promote (OU) Non-Pork Clean
  Similac Alimentum Advance Enzymes, Pork Unclean
  Similac with Iron Cow milk Clean
  Similac Low Iron Cow milk Clean
      Similac Lactose Free Enzymes, Pork Unclean
Bristol-Meyer Pregestimil Hypoallergenic Enzymes, Pork Unclean
Gerber Products *Bakery Items Non-Pork Clean
  Cereals Non-Pork Clean
  Juices Non-Pork Clean
  Fruits & Vegetables in jars/plastic Non-Pork Clean
  Dinners & Meat Items in jars Beef/Pork Unclean
  *Note: Look for the OU kosher symbol  
Mead Johnson Enfamil Cow milk Clean
  Enfamil w/ Iron Cow milk Clean
  Enfamil Lactofree Cow milk Clean
  Nutramigen hypoallergenic formula Enzyme, pork Unclean
  Prosobee Soy bean protein Clean
Nestle Carnation Good Start Supreme Enzyme, Pork Unclean
  Good Start Supreme Soy DHA & ARA Non-Pork Clean
  Good Start Essentials Non-Pork Clean
  Good Start 2 Essentials Non-Pork Clean
  Good Start 2 Essentials Soy Non-Pork Clean

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