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Aidels Regular Sausage (20-30 Varieties)  Pork/Cross-contamin... Unclean
  Mini’s Sausages  Same as above Unclean
  (Chicken, Cajun & Tomato) Same as above Unclean
  Breakfast Sausages: Maple Bacon Same as above Unclean
  Breakfast Sausages: Mango Chicken Same as above Unclean
Armour/Eckrich  Eckrich Smoke Sausage (ALL Varieties) Produced Same Equip.w/PORK Unclean
Bar S Turkey Breakfast Sausage Non-Pork Clean
Burger King It is being reported that the Quarter Pounder contains castoreum (a secretion from the anal glands of beavers). http://www.mandatory.com/2014/02/10/12-fast-food-facts-that-will-change-your-diet/ Castoreum Unclean
Cajun Moon Sausage Co. All products are pork-free Non-Pork Clean
Cameco (Aldi's) Lunchmate Lunch Meats Pork/Pork processing Unclean
Chef Boyardee Cheese Pizza Makers Kit Enzymes (Pork/Beef) Unclean
Con Agra Swift Premium Brown ‘N Serve  Turkey Clean
(Banquet)      Turkey Sausage  
  Swift Premium Brown ‘N Serve Beef Clean
       Beef Sausage  
  Butterball Turkey Bacon Non-Pork Clean
  Butterball Skinless Beef Hotdogs Pork casing Unclean
  Butterball  Turkey Hotdogs Pork casing Unclean
  Butterball Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean
  Butterball Cotta Salami Non-Pork Clean
  (Aldi) Kirkwood Pot Pies (All Varieties) Lard Unclean
  Marie Callender's Beef Pot Pie Gelatin, Pork Unclean
  Fresh Turkey Bratwurst Pork casing Unclean
Fresh Hot Italian Turkey Sausage Pork casing Unclean
Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage Pork casing Unclean
  Fresh Turkey Breakfast Sausage pork-free Non-Pork Clean
DiGiorno Pizza Spicy Chicken Supreme (formerly the DiGiorno Spicy Chicken Pizza) L-Cysteine/Duck Unclean
  ALL products containing pork and L-Cysteine are UNCLEAN  
Eckrich Smoked Beef Sausage (all varieties) Pork casing Unclean
  Kielbasa Turkey Sausage Pork casing Unclean
Farmland Beef Franks Cross Contamination  Unclean
  Black Angus Beef Smoke Sausage Cross Contamination  Unclean
  All of their products (Beef Hot Dogs, Turkey Bacon, etc.) Cross Contamination  Unclean
  Made on the same equipment with their pork products.    
Freschetta Cheese Pizza L-Cysteine/Duck Unclean
  Brick Oven Cheese Pizzas L-Cysteine/Duck Unclean
  Naturally Rising Cheese Pizzas Plant/Microbial/
no L-cysteine
General Mills Totino's/Jenos Products Pork Unclean
Gorton Fish Patties Haddock & Flounder Clean
Hebrew National Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean
  Black Angus Beef Smoke Sausage Casing, Beef Clean
  Sliced Meats Non-Pork Clean
Homerun Inn Pizza  Cheese Pizza (Restaurant) Non-pork Clean
  Cheese & 4 Cheese Frozen Pizza without L-Cysteine (Grocery) Enzymes,Synthetic Clean
Hormel Foods Corp. Turkey Pepperoni Non-pork Clean
  Casa Mamita Tamales (Aldi’s Brand) Non-pork Clean
  Spam & Oven Roasted Turkey Spam Pork Unclean
Hormel/Jennie-O Original & Extra Lean Turkey Bacon Non-pork Clean
  Turkey Breakfast Sausage Casing, Beef/Sheep Clean
  Turkey Ham Liquid Smoke Flavoring Clean 
  Cahill Turkey Ham (Aldi's) Liquid Smoke Flavoring Clean
  Turkey Franks Non-pork Clean
  Sausage Links Pork Unclean
  Frozen Breakfast Lover's Turkey Sausage Non-pork Clean
  Lean Hot Italian Turkey Sausage Casing (Pork) Unclean
  Lean Turkey Bratwurst Casing (Pork) Unclean
  Lean Turkey Breakfast Sausage Casing / Brown Algae Clean
Johnsonville Products All products produced on same equipment Pork,Cross-contamin... Unclean
Kashi Products Kashi Waffles Non-Pork Clean
Eggo Waffles Non-pork Clean
Kellogg Co. Eggo Toaster Muffins Non-pork Clean
Land O’ Frost Pre-packaged Thin Sliced Meats; available at Kroger, Wal*Mart, Albertson’s, Safeway
  and Sysco stores.  
        Beef Spice flavorings Clean
        Corned Beef Spice flavorings Clean
        Turkey, Honey Turkey Spice flavorings Clean
        Chicken Spice flavorings Clean
Long John Silver Fish Patties Pollock, Hoki Clean
  Cheese used on sandwich Enzyme, Pork Unclean
Louis Rich Turkey Ham Cellulose/Plant Clean
     (Oscar Mayer) Turkey Bologna Cellulose/Plant Clean
  Turkey Bacon Cellulose/Plant Clean
        Exceptions: (Louis Rich also produces products using pork, READ the LABEL.)
Cotta Salami Cellulose/Plant Clean
Beef Franks Cellulose/Plant Clean
Nestle Stouffer’s Noodles Romanoff Gelatin, Pork Unclean
Stouffer’s Meals with Cheese Enzymes, Beef/Pork Unclean
Stouffer’s (All Other Meals) Pork Derivatives Unclean
Hot, Lean & Croissant Pockets Pork Derivatives Unclean
Pizza Mini's Pork Derivatives Unclean
Oscar Meyer Bun Length Beef Franks Cellulose/Plant Clean
Lunchables (All varieties) Cheese, Pork Unclean
Pillsbury Hungry Jack Frozen Buttermilk Pancakes Plant source flavoring Clean
Mini Buttermilk Pancakes Plant source flavoring Clean
Red Baron All Pizzas Pork Processing Unclean
Sara Lee Ball Park Beef & Kosher Beef Franks Non-Pork Clean
Scott Petersen All of their products are produced on shared equipment with their pork products. Cross Contamination/Pork Unclean
Swai Fish Aaian catfish Unclean
The Turkey Store, Co. Use both pork and non-pork casing.  The non-pork casing is collagen and is man
Tony’s Pizza Co. Tony’s Pizza (All varieties) L-cysteine Unclean
Trader Joe's Most Sausage contains pork casings Pork Unclean
Tyson Tyson Chicken Chunks Chicken Clean
  Tyson Chicken Patties Chicken Clean
  Aldi Brand Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Chicken Clean
  Aldi Brand Kirkwood Turkey Bacon Pork Unclean
Vienna Beef      Store Brand: Vienna Beef Franks & Polish (Retail) Casing, plastic Clean
  Vienna Beef Franks & Polish 8 or 12 Pack Casing, sheepskin Clean
  Vienna Beef (JUMBO) Franks/Polish Casing, Pork Unclean
  Vienna Beef Deli Meats Beef, cellulose casing Clean
Restaurant Brand: Red Labeled Box (FRANKS) Check Casing
  Blue Labeled box (POLISH) Check Casing
Vlasic Foods International Swanson Pot Pies (All varieties) Lard, Pork Unclean
  Great Starts Breakfast Entrée Pork Unclean
  Swanson Frozen Entrée Meals Beef/Pork Unclean
  Products bearing the OU kosher sysbol   Clean
White Castle Frozen Hamburgers & Cheese Burgers Buns, L-Cysteine Unclean

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